Bio-Hydrating Cream



Rich in Hyaluronic Acid to combat dehydration

The DermaFix Bio-Hydrating cream is a highly effective lightweight emollient, moisturising and rejuvenating cream. It is a great all-round moisturiser. Bio-Hydrating Cream is recommended for all types of non-problematic skin, and when applied correctly leaves your skin soft and glowing. Excellent results are achieved when used with the DermaFix skin care serums. Our Bio-Hydrating Cream contains only the finest natural moisturisers: Sodium PCA, and Hyaluronic Complex (Mucopolysaccharides), as well as Marine Collagen, Elastin, and Seaweed extracts.

Additional information

Moisturiser Application

The DermaFix Bio-Hydrating Cream should be used after cleansing and toning. For optimal results the Bio-Hydrating Cream should be applied twice daily.

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid Sodium PCA


The DermaFix Bio-Hydrating Cream contains Hyaluronic Acid that increases natural moisturising factors (NMF) in the skin and effectively helps to improve skin firmness. The Bio-Hydrating Cream also moisturises, rejuvenates and repairs barrier protection.




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