DermaFix DermaShield SPF50 Sunscreen



High Protection UVA/UVB Sunscreen

DermaShield SPF50 sunscreen provides high UVA/UVB protection for all skin types. DermaShield SPF50 is a scientifically advanced sun protection product that is PABA & Fragrance-free and contains a proprietary blend of sunscreen ingredients which protects the skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays that are associated with sun related skin damage and premature ageing. Our sunscreen meets the South African National Standards with SANS 1557:2013; ISO24444; ISO24443 accreditations.

Additional information

Sunscreen Application

Apply the DermaFix DermaShield SPF50 sunscreen generously before sun exposure. Re-apply frequently. Re-apply after perspiring, swimming or towel drying. Protect this product from excessive heat and direct sunlight. Spending time in the sun increases your risk of skin cancer and premature ageing. For external use only. Do not use this sun protection product on damaged or broken skin. Avoid contact with eyes and in case of contact, flush eyes with water. Keep out of reach of children.

Key Ingredients

Avobenzone Zinc Oxide Titanium Dioxide


The DermaFix DermaShield SPF50 sunscreen is suitable for all skin types and provides skin stability in that it doesn’t degrade in the sun. This sun protection product is hypoallergenic, PABA & Fragrance-free, as well as non-greasy so your sun experience can be a pleasurable one. The DermaShield SPF50 product also meets the South African National Standards; SANS 1557:2013; ISO24444; ISO24443




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