Lamelle Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream


Dermaheal’s anti-ageing product range is very powerful. So we do suggest that you introduce your skin to one of the other products for a month before starting with the Ultra Renewal Cream. When introducing Ultra Renewal Cream, the product should be phased in. During the first week, we suggest that you use it every third night only. If your skin is happy with this, you can go on to use it every second evening in week two. If your skin responds well to this routine, you can begin using it every night. If your skin feels at all sensitive, you might have to go back to using it only every second night for a while. Sudden sensitivity to this product can occur when you are stressed, when you have overexposed your skin to the sun or if the environment you are in becomes dryer.

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Ceremide-P, HAFi fragments of hyaluronic acid, a retinoic acid ester, the highest concentration of growth factor and cytokine complex, purslane extract and patented moisture technology.


– After cleansing, apply one pump of the product to the face, neck and décolleté
– For night-time use ONLY
– Correctives serums may be added later in the treatment process


– Do NOT use during pregnancy
– STOP the product 3 night before and 5 nights after in office peels or invasive treatments
– Might cause the skin to become dry initially, this will resolve


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