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Launched back in 2012, 60 Minutes was the very first long-lasting self-tan on the market that develops in just one hour – making it the perfect product to get you party ready! Truly the tan your laundry will love, tanning agents are activated upon contact with the skin, whilst specialist accelerators are triggered following water contact meaning your tan will continue to develop after the cosmetic guide colour is washed away! This revolutionary formula creates a golden tan in only 1 hour, a bronze tan if left on for 2 hours and a deeper colour when washed off after 3 hours. It’s little wonder it is the tan that’s talked about the world over!

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– Shake gently before use
– Always wear waterproof gloves and professional mitt when applying
– Prior to applying to elbows, hands, knees and feet we recommend using one of our oil free moisturising products
– Spray small amounts of liquid onto soft side of the mitt and apply in gliding strokes to the body
– Lightly glaze over elbows, hands, knees and feet
– Bend elbows and knees when applying
– Rinse off guide colour with warm water after development time
– Re-apply once a week and use Fake Bake maintenance products to extend life of tan.

Skin Types:

Normal, Oily, Dry

Skin Tones:

Fair, Medium, Dark


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