Ureadin Podos Gel Oil




Ureadin Podos is a moisturising gel-oil for the treatment dry, rough, cracked skin (moderate hyperkeratosis) on the feet and heels. It contains 10% Urea Isdin® and glycerine that moisturises the skin. It also contains Lactic acid and Bacillus ferment that exfoliates and sheds dry skin. The Allantoin, Arginine, Hyaluronic acid and Panthenol work to replenish and repair dry, cracked skin. Results can be seen from 3 days of use. The light and non-greasy gel-oil texture allows for fast absorption. It is suitable for diabetics.

Additional information

Key ingredients

Urea ISDIN 10%, Lactic acid, Bacillus ferment, Allantoin, Arginine, Hyaluronic acid, Panthenol.

How to use

Apply 2 times a day on clean skin, focusing on the driest and roughest areas. To avoid reappearance of dryness, continue its use once a day. Absorption can be improved with a light massage. Suitable for diabetics.

Skin type indication

Dry, cracked skin

Application area

Feet and Heels



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