Ureadin Ultra 40 Gel Oil




Ureadin Ultra 40 is a gel-oil indicated for the treatment of severe localised hyperkeratosis like thickening of the nails (onychogryphosis) and callouses. It contains 40% Urea Isdin® that exerts a keratolytic effect to reduce the localized skin and nail thickenings. The gel-oil formulation assists in the optimal penetration of Urea Isdin®. It can also be used as adjuvant to antifungal treatments to facilitate penetration of these treatments. The light and non-greasy gel-oil texture allows for fast absorption.

Additional information

Key ingredients

40% Urea Isdin®

How to use

Apply on the area to be treated 1 or 2 times a day after cleaning the area. May cover with occlusive bandage. Wash hands thoroughly after application.

Skin type indication

Dry, thickened skin and nails

Application area

Feet and Nails



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